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In 2007 OutsourceIt, Inc. was asked by a large California municipality to design a Residential Rental Inspection program existing city ordinance that would track and report compliance of all qualified rental dwellings in the municipality with the goal of insuring that safe and sanitary rental living conditions are being provided to each resident.

OutsourceIt, Inc. met this challenge by pulling together several pre-designed data modules to manage, capture and offer call center services to the municipality.

The resulting ManageIt program was put in place over a year ago and now provides the municipality with a roadmap for process success by allowing the municipality to redeploy staff, expedite services and increase overall efficiency.

Here is how the ManageIt program works for this client:
An accurate database of all rental units and rental property owners in the municipality is created and a geo-map of each unit is displayed as to it's location within the municipality.

An inbound/outbound live telephone and messaging system is established to give property owners a high degree of customer service.

All appropriate documents and forms are developed and printed for the property owners and a time line for their return is established to insure accurate and timely forms completion.

Visual flow chart reports are created to provide city management with an easy way to visualize the location and compliance of each rental unit.

A fees collection system is designed and maintained by OSI to insure the financial integrity of the program.

Building Inspector schedules are created to record all inspection information in a report format.

Here are the benefits the municipality is receiving:
  • The Municipality was able to kick off their Residential Rental Inspection Program quickly using a proven program.
  • There was an immediate increase in municipality efficiency by freeing staff that would otherwise be needed for this program.
  • Planning officials are now able to focus on other important matters, relying on the frequently provided reports that are used to track program compliance.

For more information on the functionality of ManageIt call 877-RenewIt (877-736-3948) — or email: info@outsourceitinc.com.